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Monday, April 24, 2017

Feathers and Pearls Progressive Challenge

Coffee of the Day - Salted Caramel

Hello again! I bet you are surprised to see me back so soon. :) While I was in my craft room, I decided to get my card finished for the Simply Betty Facebook group's monthly progressive challenge. the deadline is in just a few days, so I'm cutting it close this month. nothing like losing time from computer crashes and illness....

The theme for our challenge is pearls and feathers. we were given this neat roaring 20's image to use.  isn't she pretty?

I decided to go with a bit of a retro feel with my card. I found some neat digital feather paper online that fit with the entire 1920's look. I wanted to paint her hair blue to show her independence and rebellious streak that was so prevalent in women of the era. :)

flowers and leaves are from Wild Orchid Crafts, ribbon & twine are from Really Reasonable Ribbon, crochet trim, vintage button, & tag are from my stash and little pearl accents are by Studio G. the little pearls on the image are painted with shimmerz.

thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a most amazing week! :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fun Blog Collaboration with Debra and Celeste! Science Themed Projects

Coffee of the Day - Maple Fudge

Today I am part of a fun collaboration with 2 great ladies, Debra and Celeste! and guess, what? they love coffee, too! :)

One of the things these lovely ladies do is show photos off their coffee cups. Well, today's cup is in honor of our son, Ryan. these next 3 weeks are going to be a whirlwind here in our family. all 3 of our sons are graduating from college!!!  in just a few short days, Ryan graduates from Indiana Wesleyan University, so today I am drinking from this great mug he gave me. I usually drink my veggie juice from it because he absolutely hates vegetables. :) it makes me giggle every time to think of him cringing in horror that I would dare drink my kale and cucumber juice out of his IWU mug! yeah, I am sassy that way! but today it is filled to the top with coffee. Moon Pie would normally be in the photo, but he and Palmer are off playing right now. :)

here is last week's photo of him with my normal coffee cup. you can see there is a wee bit of a size difference in the mugs! ha!

Since I am the guestie of the month, I was allowed to choose the theme. With yesterday being Earth Day as well as the March for Science, I decided to use that as our theme. we are going to "Geek it for the World!" truly, science is all around us and impacts absolutely every single part of our lives. I had high hopes of being part of the March for Science, but a nasty case of pneumonia has had me sidelined for more time than I care to count. thankfully I was able to get my card finished in time to post though. again, thank goodness for science, this time medical science and the medications that have kept me from the hospital!!!

for my card, I decided to use my adorable House Mouse stamps and create a card that focuses on sustainable farming. In the past 9 months or so, we have gone from giving up all beef to eating an almost completely plant based diet. we stay away from all palm oil products as well as soy based items whenever possible. our food choices can make such a difference in helping leave less of a carbon foot print.

Papers are from the Basic Grey Hillside collection, bg die is by Tim Holtz, flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts, and seam binding (which I distressed) is from Zipper Stop.  vintage buttons and ticket are from my craft stash.

if you look closely, the bg paper looks a little like the wind turbines you periodically see. as we drive out to visit Ryan in Indiana, we pass a huge wind farm. we always know that he is about 2 hours away at that point. wouldn't it be wonderful to see more and more wind turbines everywhere?

Netflix has some wonderful documentaries on sustainable farming as well as the impact of animals as a food source and their effect on our planet. I recommend "Sustainable", "Forks over Knives", and National Geographic's "Before the Flood" to start.

Thank you so much to Debra and Celeste for inviting me to be a part of their fun collaboration this month! I had a great time making my card! :) please be sure to stop by their blogs to say hello! :)

House Mouse Lovers - Stop and Smell the Flowers or anything goes

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Coffee of the Day - Moon Pie (I'll drink their coffee until it's gone, but we no longer eat their treats. discovered that they sadly use palm oil in their products. insert sad face here....)

Happy Happy Easter to each and every one of you! well, at least those of you who celebrate the holiday, that is. ;) Happy Sunday to the rest of you. :) may your day be glorious whether you celebrate the holiday or not!!!

I want to share with you a project I made for our son's fiancee's family. I also made one that I gave to our neighbors.

I started with a cardboard cheese box, pained it several shades of green with acrylic paint, added cs grass, and then topped with some fabulous wooden veneer fencing pieces I found at JoAnn's. the fence pieces were distressed with Tim Holtz distress markers. various sizes of Prima flowers dotted with stickles were added to complete the little garden boxes.

This sure does say 'springtime,' doesn't it?! :)

Have a wonderful day! Jennifer

Friday, April 7, 2017

Where I've Been...

Coffee of the Day - none, actually! eegads! out of milk at the house, so I'm drinking Bolthouse Farms Greens.....

Sorry I've been away for such a long time. hubby and I took some time off last week for a fun trip to Boston. we've always wanted to go. let me tell you, for a history buff like me, one week was NOT enough time! ;)

Only saw a small portion of the sites we wanted to see, but LOVED every single moment of it. we took our time. could have rushed and had a chance to visit more, but we really wanted to enjoy the visit.

oh my gosh, are the people there ever so nice!!! yummy food, too. some of the best was to be found in a fabby little pub not far from The Commons. it was the only place we actually went back for a second visit - Emmet's Irish Pub. Willie, the bartender, made the trip all the more enjoyable. :) of course he knew exactly how to pour my Guinness!

one of the highlight's of the trip was getting to see Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren at a speaking engagement. we were privileged to be invited to volunteer for the event. both are quite inspiring.

I hope to get some crafting done this weekend. Easter is right around the corner, and I am not the least bit ready!

we still have lots of snow on the ground. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! :) enjoy your weekend and be blessed!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides of Trump

Coffee of the Day - Maple Fudge

We live in a democratic society that allows us, at least as of this writing, many freedoms. I believe some of those are in jeopardy and have taken a call of activism recently. If I am truly honest with myself, I have been an activist from the first moment I saw the 'The Crying Indian' commercial from the early 70's and insisted my dad buy me the lunchbox with the recycling symbol on it when it was first released. yep, I go that far back with my hippie ways. ;)

Today marks a unique day that is being called 'The Ides of Trump.' the idea is to flood The White House with post cards letting our current president know of our opposition to his cabinet and policies of hate and destruction. Ideally, everyone is to respectful. of course there will always be people who don't follow the rules. that happens with any event or group.

As important as the environment is to me, as well as human rights, I could not let this day go by without expressing my concerns and opinions. My plan is to have a post card for each day he has been in office. I am using the wonderful new Wonder Woman stamps, too.  :)

Mary Engelbreit has so graciously offered for free 2 lovely post card designs on her website. You can see them in the above photo on the top row, middle.

As one of my post cards reads, "Mr. Trump, You've turned me into an activist." he has actually just caused me to pick up the protest signs and get out onto the streets to speak up for all of the causes that need speaking up for. We must stand together.

Our animals are being killed, our water and food are being poisoned, people are not only being brutalized, but killed as well, our planet is being destroyed for the sake of greed. I can not sit by and watch it go on and not do anything.

sure, they are just post cards. but someone will look at them. perhaps it is the person at the post office. maybe it is one of the aids working in The White House. maybe it is the person who takes out the trash. but I believe in my heart that at least one of these cards will be seen by someone who will see it and think for even one second about what is written on it. and the seed will be planted.

no, this man sitting in The White House does not represent me or my ideas. not that all of them have. but THIS man is quickly destroying everything that keeps our hold on humanity - love and compassion. so I will not sit silent.

editing to add a photo of more cards I am mailing for a total of 62. a mix of these plus some from the picture I posted earlier.

I was very sad to hear that not only has a town near to us put up signs on telephone and electric poles welcoming ICE agents, but signs are also appearing on college campuses listing phone numbers for people to call to report immigrants as their 'white duty.' sorry, but NO. just NO. strengthened my resolve to get more post cards sent out today.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Save the Bees!

Coffee of the Day - Salted Caramel

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm busy crafting this weekend since I'm not yet feeling well enough to get out to any of the rallies and protests going on. it's fun to be covered in ink and glue again, I must admit. :)

Today's card is for the monthly progressive challenge that takes place in the Simply Betty Facebook group. it's always fun to play along in this challenge, and the image is so wonderful every month. This time we were provided with 'Beehive Queen' that you can also find here in the store. We also have a recipe challenge to follow: at least 1 designer paper, at least 1 ribbon, the colors yellow, black, & white, and embossing (either powder or folders).

I have used digital papers from the Basic Grey B Side collection as well as flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts. my Zipper Stop seam binding was distressed with several shades of ink. for the embossing, I used 2 different colors of Frantage powders on the main image. I really love this stuff! :) dies are by Spellbinders and buttons are from my vintage stash. all wings were accented with shimmerz paint.

I found the 'Save the Bees' clip art on the internet. some bee species are actually on the verge of becoming extinct. please limit your use of pesticides in your garden and consider planting more bee (and butterfly!) friendly flowers this spring. dandelions are one of their primary food sources, so think twice before eliminating them from your yard. if you do a bit of research, you will discover just how crucial bees are to our entire food chain and ecosystem. :)

so let's do all we can to SAVE THE BEES!!! :)
who says I can't be an activist even if I'm home sick?! tee hee!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Hello! Have a Lovely Day! Coloring Contest Entry

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice (again!)

Since I am still not feeling well enough to go to any of the rallies and protests scheduled this weekend, I hit the craft room yesterday and participated in a coloring contest going on in the La La Land Facebook group. Participants are asked to use this cutey image, 'Lovely Marcie.'  She only has to be colored, but I went ahead and added her to a card. She is available for a discount for the time of the challenge, which is so nice of the owner! :)

papers are from the Basic Grey Typeset collection, flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts, buttons & lace trim are vintage, and dies are by Spellbinders. accents on main image were made with a white gel pen and touches of Frantage embossing powder were also added for some fun sparkle. sentiment was included in the digi set by La La Land.

heading back to the craft room in just a bit for more relaxing therapy. ;) hope all of you have a great weekend! ours has lots of snow in the forecast!!! y'all know how I love my snow! :)

hugs to each of you! Jennifer

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some Major News....

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice

Some of you who follow me on Facebook know that I just recently returned from another trip out to Standing Rock, North Dakota. I actually took part in the evacuation/prayer walk from the Oceti Camp on Wednesday just before the police and other officials invaded.

 You can see me in the bright yellow poncho and red much boots.....but most importantly, listen to the words of Raymond Kingfisher. He speaks such wisdom, and truly from the heart. When we had walked over the bridge that covers Cannonball River, he again thanked everyone and spoke of the peace & dignity with which everyone had left. Everyone at Standing Rock continuously portrayed that peace he spoke of and it resonates with me today.

As I was driving back home to Ohio, I saw construction on a pipeline taking place along the highway of Wisconsin. the pipeline there is going right through farmlands. WHEN that pipeline breaks and leaks, because they ALL do, corn and soybean fields will be infiltrated with oil. this will then leech into the water tables. cattle graze upon that land. crops used for livestock and human consumption are grown upon that land. and it will all be tainted by oil one day. this breaks my heart.

every single time I return from Standing Rock I am made aware of so very many things, but never so strongly as on this trip.

I can not sit idly by and watch our very planet be ruined. I must continue to go to protests and speak out against not only the pipelines, but all of the other injustices that are taking place. we only have one planet. and oh my gosh, we MUST show love and compassion to everyone we meet. this building of walls must not take place.

so I have left all of my last remaining Design Teams to focus on my activism work. crafting will always be important to me, and I'm not giving it up completely, just on a professional level.

I thank all of you who have been so kind and faithful through the years. keep following if you would like. there will be crafty posts a few times a month.

I pray for all of you great peace and love! Jennifer

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thinking of You Birthday Card

Coffee of the Day - English Toffee

Super quick post today as I am on my way out the door to a pipeline protest. Also trying to get this card in the mail for a birthday next week.

Over in the Simply Betty Facebook group there is a monthly progressive challenge. this is the image that was provided this month. isn't she so lovely? we also had a color challenge to use. I decided to create a birthday card for Mick's girlfriend.

papers are from a pad I picked up at Michael's. flowers are from both Michael's and Wild Orchid Crafts. main die and matting one are by Spellbinders while the large flourish is by Sizzix. buttons are from my vintage stash. the sentiment is not from the challenge set, but is from Simply Betty. lace and baker's twine are also stash items. a bit of shimmerz paint accents the main image as does a white gel pen.

the large flourish is cut from a piece of re-purposed plastic packaging.

thanks for stopping by! enjoy your weekend! gotta dash......

Monday, February 13, 2017

Love and Joy Snowman Tag Card for Season's Greetings Challenge

I realize this is a late night posting for those of us here in the States, but over in the other hemisphere, it's early morning on Valentine's Day and the start of the very first challenge at the Season's Greetings Christmas blog! :)

The theme for our new challenge is "Anything Goes with an optional - Love" and of course any kind of Christmas project, too. it's a huge help to get started on those holiday cards and projects early, let me tell you! so I do hope you will join along! :)

for my card, I have used an assortment of stamps from the Unity Stamp Company: snowflakes from "Layers of Life Magical Bliss and Wonder," sentiment from "...a joyous season", and cutey little snowman from "One of a Kind Winter."

papers are from the Basic Grey 25th and Pine collection, snowflake die is by Sizzix, holly flourish die is by Cheery Lynn, buttons and holly sprig are vintage, and everything else came from my stash. little accents to the sentiment, tag, and card base were made with a gold spica pen. isn't the little straw a fun accent?!

thanks so much for stopping by! I do hope you will play along in the challenge with us! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cutey Snail Mail

Coffee of the Day - Caramel

Hello and Happy Saturday to all of you! I am up on the Digi Bells blog today. here to share a little bit of  inspiration with you to get you started on your crafty way this weekend! :)

I hope all of you have subscribed to Elisabeth's wonderful newsletter. the image I am using is one I received as a freebie in my mailbox as a subscriber. you can sign up here.

The precious image is called "Kisses from Cleo the Snail." I needed a belated thank you note, so she seemed so perfect for a snail mail card!

while you won't find this exact image in Elisabeth's digi store, you can find plenty of other wonderful ones.

I used digital papers from Adrienne Looman's Peaceful Harmony collection, a selection of flowers from both Michael's and Wild Orchid Crafts, vintage buttons, and ric rack.  all dies are from Spellbinders. my white gel pen was used to add lots of fun accent dots.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine Love with Fab 'n Funky Challenges

Coffee of the Day - Pecan Truffle

Hello to all of you! I hope life has been treating you with all of the love and kindness each of you so deserves! :)

I have been super busy going to several protests and marches here in our lovely state. I've met some of the most fabulous people and had such a great time standing up for both human and animal rights. Several more on the schedule before the month is over.

But the news for today is the new challenge over at Fab 'n Funky! the theme is "Wild About You" and you can use either wild animals or go with a love theme on your projects. Our sponsor is The Paper Shelter who is offering a nice gift certificate to one happy participant!

Rather than use any of the images from the Paper Shelter store, I chose instead to use a few of their digital papers. for the base, I used paper from the "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" set and then added elements I cut from the "Hey Baby" paper.

the tag, gilded rose, red doily, and 'love' letters are all from Michael's. the pretty 'Valentine' sentiment piece that I punched out with a scallop punch is by Create with TLC. buttons and pale pink lace are vintage treasures. both red hearts were punched.  distressed red seam binding is from Zipper Stop.

little Prima flowers were added to paper flowers and then dotted with distress stickles. polka dots were added to the scallop heart with a white gel pen.

I hope to see YOUR entry in the Fab 'n Funky challenge this week! :)

Friday, January 27, 2017

I'm Beary Lucky!

Coffee of the Day - Tiramisu

Happy Friday! I am back from a most amazing trip to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and then quick stop in Pittsburgh. whew..... I am one whooped puppy! ;)  so I have lots of crafting to do to get caught up on things. isn't that always the way it is when you go out of town?! ;)

I have used the cutie "Teddy Heart" image from Morgan's Art World on my card as well as a fun little bear template and then a sentiment by Create with TLC.  papers are from Michael's as is the gorgeous burlap and lace ribbon trim. satin ribbon is from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

a few vintage buttons, doily, shabby bark heart, and pretty flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts complete the card. will soon put it in the mail for Valentine's Day, which is so very quickly approaching!

have a fabulous weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Special Delivery For YOU! :)

Coffee of the Day - absolutely no idea because I am in Washington DC right now. ;)

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far. Today starts a new challenge over at Elisabeth Bell's Challenge World.  Our theme for this go 'round is Hearts & Lace or Anything Goes - your choice. :)

I opted to go with the Hearts & Lace theme, using the adorable 'Bella Sole, Special Delivery' stamp from Whimsy Stamps.

papers are from the Designs by Dani Lucky in Love digital collection, main image dies are from Spellbinders, border die is from Whimsy Stamps, and flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts. a few pieces of wood veneer and pretty heart doily were added for fun. of course I had to include some lovely vintage buttons! :)

oh yes, the red lace tied in a bow is a bit of vintage, and the little piece of white peeking out beside the flowers is some that I won. :)

thanks so much for stopping by and I do hope you will play along in our new challenge! :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Tugging on Your Heart Strings with a Candy Bar! :)

Coffee of the Day - no idea because I am on a train to Washington DC for the Women's March as this posts !!!! :)

Hello and Happy Friday!  I am crossing my fingers that our friend, Blogger, does right by me and posts this as it is scheduled..... oh please, oh please, oh please! :)

I am headed to the Women's March and am so very excited! will tell all about it when I get back. but until then, I leave you with some fun for The Digi Bells blog hop. if you are hopping along, then you will have arrived here from LINDA's absolutely gorgeous blog. :) if at any point you ever get lost along the hop, just head over to The Digi Bell's blog for the complete list.

The cutey image we are all featuring is called "Heart Strings" and will soon be available in the store. I decided to make a cover for a candy bar and a matching card.

at Christmas the guys all received various Oreo cookie treats. Ryan happened to get this Oreo crunch bar, which was new on the market this year. it was a huge hit. well I received a text a few weeks letting me know that he had searched and searched all over the town where he goes to school looking for them, but couldn't find one anywhere. so I took to the internet in search of.... of course Mom came to the rescue!

I found a few for Ryan and also decided to decorate one for Tyler's fiance for Valentine's Day. she love love loves chocolate!

the red polka dot paper is from Michael's. the other papers are from the Prima Coquette digital collection. some vintage lace and buttons were used in addition to distressed seam binding from Zipper Stop. flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

a heart doily and cute little pearlized bauble add some fun touches.

now off you go to the beautiful blog of KARINA! thanks so much for stopping by! :)

I'll be back on the 25th with my project for Elisabeth Bell's challenge world! another fabulous image of hers will be used, and you know you don't want to miss that. ;)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Go Ahead.... Mess With Me! ;)

Coffee of the Day - Bourbon Pecan

Happy Monday and MLK Day! What a wonderful day today as we celebrate the life of this amazing man and his journey of peace & unity!

I guess my card is in a bit of contrast to his message though, when it comes down to it. ;)  but Ms. Betty over at Simply B Stamps had a fun progressive challenge going on that I could NOT resist with this fun coffee image & sentiment!

my card uses papers from several Basic Grey collections, a re-purposed Starbuck's coffee cozy, vintage buttons from my stash, and Wild Orchid Crafts flowers. dies are from Spellbinders. the sentiment was accented with a wink of stella glitter pen. seam binding was distressed with several shades of ink and tied with a smidgen of ric rack.  little wooden veneer coffee cup is from Latina Crafter.

I'm sending this card off to some friends who were SO nice and gifted me with several pounds of Starbuck's coffee. they sure know the way to this coffee addict's, I mean lover's, hear! tee hee!!!

I hope you have an amazing week!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Pen Friend Thanks

Coffee of the Day - Sleepy Time Tea with extra Valerian (no coffee for the past few days. I've been really sick and tea just tastes better.)

The weekend is almost upon us, thank goodness! :)
I'm here with a bit of pink springtime inspiration to brighten even the gloomiest of winter days.

I have used the adorable "A Pen Friend" image to create a thank you card to send off to a special friend. you can find images similar to this one in Elisabeth Bell's store! some cute digital papers by Adrienne Looman, a little tag, pretty paper flowers, and other fun embellies all combine to create a card that tell my friend how very much I appreciate her kindness. :)

main image die is by Spellbinders, flowers & leaves are from Wild Orchid Crafts, sentiment is from SRM Stickers, buttons are from my vintage stash, pink crochet trim is from Live & Love Crafts, distressed pink seam binding is from Zipper Stop, and little denim tag is re-purposed from a pair of jeans.

have a most amazing day! :)

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Holiday Die Exchange Cards

Coffee of the Day - Bourbon Pecan with Eggnog

Woooo Hoooo! It's Saturday!

So have all of you recovered from holiday and new year festivities? has life gotten back to whatever form of normal is at your house? hopefully it will at our home in the next few days. we have had company in and out ever since before Christmas. it's been wonderful seeing so many people, but I do confess it will be nice to have a bit less stressful environment again. ;)

The Digi Bells Design Team had a fun card and gift exchange over the holidays. Each of us created a card for one team member and then also sent a collection of dies. it was a wonderful treat to receive such a beautiful handmade card from one of our teammates and know that they had spent so much time creating it just for us. :)

I'm sharing with you both the card I made as well as the fabulous gift package I received. I sent my card to Alethea along with some fun dies I found from Whimsy Stamps. I also included one of Elisabeth's lovely rubber stamps, because at the time, Alethea had been having trouble with her printer. this way she would have a back-up anytime she wanted to use one of Elisabeth's wonderful images! :)

First up is the card I made. I used 'Sweet Country Christmas' and lots of fun holiday embellies. papers are from a pack I found at Hobby Lobby, buttons and holly sprigs are from my vintage stash, and distressed seam binding is from Zipper Stop. 'Believe' wood veneer is from Michael's, poinsettia is by Petaloo, and other flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts. main image and matting dies are by Spellbinders. banner die is from SU!

This is the GORGEOUS card and die assortment I received from the VERY talented, Lynda! isn't it fabulous??!!!? and I know that I will use these dies quite a bit on projects. :) she used the cutey 'Meadow Magic' image on the card she made for me.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Belated Happy New Year!

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice with Eggnog (this might be my new fave way to drink it!!!)

So if I use the excuse that the TARDIS came to take me away, am I allowed to be late with my  Happy New Year wishes?! ;)

I am so sorry for my tardiness here..... our house has been filled with people since the week before Christmas. I have been a wreck since the start of December with everything I was trying to get done, so my head hasn't been screwed on straight. yep, just me being my usual goober self.

any hope of the new year making a difference? nope. not a bit! ;) y'all are stuck with me and my sassy ol' self.

but I do convey my most heartfelt wishes for 2017 to overflow with blessings in abundance for each and every one of you!!!!!

see you later with some craftiness. until then I'm visiting with my company! :)
love ya! Jennifer

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tea Time with Typeset

Coffee of the Day - Starbucks Christmas Blend and Eggnog

whew.... the holidays are OVER! are all of you as whooped as I am?! ;) I have been so tired this week, trying to get over the mad rush of the past few weeks.... the good news is that yesterday I was in my craft room for FUNSIES! :) that is always a good thing!!!!

a coffee and tea loving friend of mine was interested in some tea bags that I had sent to another friend. I told her I'd get some in the mail to her, but you know us crafters - we can't just toss something in an envelope! we have to make a fancy shmancy card to go with!!!

so I grabbed some fun stamps sets I had won a little bit ago from Dare 2 B Artzy. I stamped the tea pot and steam from the Tea 4 Two set in Versamark and then embossed with copper ep. the image was then watercolored with SU! inks. the sentiment comes from the Serenity Tea set. there is a matching die set that goes with both of these sets that I hope to pick up eventually. I love when one set of dies works with several stamp sets, don't you?!

papers are from the Basic Grey Typeset collection. the main image die is by Spellbinders and the cool peek-a-boo die for the bg is by Tim Holtz. isn't it fun?! I added a little tea tag to the baker's twine bow. vintage buttons are from my stash and little flower is by Wild Orchid Crafts. a tiny snippet of mini ric rack at the bottom adds a touch of fun and whimsy.

thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a most amazing weekend and enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations, whether it's a quiet evening at home or a huge blowout with friends!

I also want to thank you for so faithfully stopping by and leaving me such wonderful, inspiring, and encouraging comments throughout the year! you make my heart so full!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

With Deepest Sympathy and GIU Winners

Coffee of the Day - Bourbon Pecan

I hope all of you had a most joyous holiday, whether you were celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah. for a few short hours, all of my sons were home and it was absolute bliss for this mom! :)

but you didn't stop by for that. all each of you wants to know about is who won the Unity Stamps. ;) it's okay. I'm the same way when it comes to free stamps and prizes.

I do want to share a card with all of you very quickly though. in the midst of preparing for the holiday, we had some sad news come our way. David's aunt suddenly passed away last week. he, Tyler, and Ryan made a fast trip to Pittsburgh for the viewing. Dave's sister from San Antonio was able to fly up, too, so they all had a nice visit with Dave's dad and family.

I made a sympathy card using the Unity set, "You are Important."  I thought this flower was just gorgeous and so perfect to convey our feelings. the sentiment stamp is by Memory Box. I don't have any yet from Unity that would go with it.

paper is from the Basic Grey Kioshi collection. shimmer ribbon and pretty purple twine are from Really Reasonable Ribbon, and buttons are from my vintage stash.

the flower was stamped onto watercolor paper with Versamark, embossed with white ep, and then watercolored with multiple shades of SU! inks. I love the look this gave. :) edges were distressed and inked. I went back over it all with the SU! ink squirty tool.

and now the winners of the Unity Stamps from my GIU week are:

(just so you know, your various numbers actually came up 3 times!!!
you were really meant to win this prize! grins!)


Please send your mailing address to me at jenscull (at) yahoo (dot) com. You have until the end of the week to contact me or you will forfeit your prize.

Thanks to everyone for leaving such kind and thoughtful comments on my GIU week projects! :) and a very special thank you to those of you who were so VERY amazing and left comments on each one of my posts!!! y'all rock! :)

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas, Little Elf!

Winner at Glitter 'N Sparkle

Coffee of the Day - Bourbon Pecan

Merry Christmas! the day we've all been waiting for is here! :) I hope and pray you are surrounded by people who love you and appreciate the fabulous person you are!!!!!

I am sharing the last of my Christmas creations with all of you today. this one was made for a very special young lady, and I am told she really liked it. :)

I used the adorable "Elf 3" image from Bugaboo and the current sketch for their Stella Says Sketch challenge. stickles, shimmerz paint, Viva Decor pearl pen, and a clear wink of stella glitter pen were used to accent the main image.

papers are from the Authentique Retro Christmas collection. sentiment above the image is by Create with TLC and the stamped sentiment is from Unity Stamps. main die is by Spellbinders and holly flourish die is by Cheery Lynn. little poinsettias are from Petaloo. lace trim and buttons are vintage. tiny jingle bell is by SU!

after my crazy, crazy past few weeks, I am taking several days off to recuperate! I will be back on Tuesday to post the winners of my GIU week though. see you then! :)

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